When Rafael was 8 years old, his parents noticed that something was wrong with his leg. It didn’t seem to be supporting him, and he was having difficulty running and jumping. It was tough for them to watch him sit on the sidelines, not doing things that a normal, healthy boy should be doing.

His parents brought him to OIC where X-rays confirmed what a physical examination suggested. Rafael’s kneecap wasn’t in the right place. It was a condition he was born with, and without surgery it would only get worse.

Unfortunately, it was going to be six to 12 weeks before he could be scheduled for surgery. An Ambulatory Surgery Center on OIC’s campus would have been able to reduce that time, and provide all of his care in one place. OIC pushed through the insurance delays and Dr. Anthony Scaduto performed the corrective surgery that got Rafael back to playing with his friends.

No child should have to wait
for a surgery that will allow them to get back to their normal routine.