Christine, 10, was a normal, healthy, active girl who loved to run. One day while running, she made a wrong step and fell to the ground. Her mom took her to the hospital, where they were told it was just a minor injury — “growing pains” is what one doctor called it. When Christine’s pain got worse, they visited another doctor, but the hospital turned them away because of insufficient insurance coverage. Finally, a third doctor identified the problem as an ACL tear but said it was too late and too risky to perform the surgery that would help Christine.

Tired of being bounced around and fearing permanent damage, they came to OIC hoping to find someone to help. They did. Dr. Rick Bowen performed surgery on Christine’s ACL. Within months, she was back to running, and pursuing her dream to be a track and field athlete.

Many untreated, painful injuries can still be repaired at Orthopaedic Institute for Children, where highly-trained and respected physicians have one goal, help as many kids as possible get back to being kids.